We are all volunteers. We are the sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends that have dealt with the horrendous implications and devastating impact that this disease imparts on everyone it surrounds. We have all had a personal experience with someone who was diagnosed with cancer, fought a heroic battle but ultimately ended with cancer claiming the victor. We at #killALLCancer feel that any amount of extra help towards the common goal of killing all cancer is good!

Our mission is to offer hope, support and assistance in anyway possible & contribute all that we can towards the advancement of finding a cure for cancer. All Cancer! Although there are many charities for this very disease, we have identified a few that we hope will become partners with us.  We want to people to be able to come to our site and choose from charities that use the donations the right way. We will not collect any funds but serve as a “pass through” for you to make donations without fear that the money is being used in nefarious ways. True transparency on who you give to, where it goes & us making sure they use it towards the awareness, research, treatment & eradication of cancer.

The fear of such a diagnosis, much less what follows is crippling to the patient, their families & their friends. Lives are forever changed by this news and families can fall apart with the possibility of losing their loved one. The fear of the sufferer, as well as those that love them is without explanation; but we can attempt to put an end to all of this. We can give hope and faith that everything possible is being done to “#killALLCancer”.

We are not in any way buying or selling anything, nor are we collecting your personal information. The only thing we ask is that you check out one or more of the charity partners & maybe give them a donation!

Note: If you love to talk about health related information, visit our page health write for us to contribute health topics.

We are 100% volunteers doing the next right thing.

Thank you for visiting our site.

The #killALLcancer Family

(Our 501 c3 has been submitted & we will update with progress!)