About Us


The purpose of #killALLCancer is to reinvent the way charities are run while building an International Cancer Killer. Raising money via bracelet sales and donations will be the main driver of funds. The organization will be ran by volunteers and there will be no salaries paid by any charitable contributions. A separate foundation will be created to hold & disperse funds. #killALLCancer will only donate to those meeting specific guidelines i.e. overwhelming majority of their funds must go to the intended people or purpose! Inspiration, support & an international network of supporters will bring all of the reputable and above board charities under our umbrella for strategic partnerships, fundraisers & as beneficiaries of the monies that are donated to us. The transparent charity component is a real game changer. We will show every dollar raised, every dollar spent & how it was used. This is a charity, not a business.

Our sole charity at this time is City of Hope, which is accessed directly through our “gofundme” page at gofundme.com/killALLcancer

We never touch the funds and all contributions are tax deductible as contributions to a 501(c)(3) charity.

City of Hope is:

“a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Designated as a comprehensive cancer center, the highest recognition bestowed by the National Cancer Institute, City of Hope is also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, with research and treatment protocols that advance care throughout the nation.

At City of Hope, scientists work with doctors to treat both the physical and emotional needs of our patients. By attending to the individual, not just the illness, your life afterwards can be fuller and more rewarding. At City of Hope, we combine science with soul to make miracles every day.”

See http://www.cityofhope.org/about-city-of-hope