#killALLcancer would like to give you the ability to understand your life & health insurance. In one of the most difficult times of your life the last thing you should have to do is read through paperwork that is quite complicated to begin with. We are in the process of partnering with a company that will be able to facilitate life & health insurance reviews. Please stand by and check back with us soon!

With regards to the #killALLcancer “policy” that was referenced by Vicki on the 9/26/2016 episode of RHOC; #killALLcancer charity is committed to supporting people before, during & after their or their loved ones battle with cancer and other life threatening diseases. there is no one policy that can protect you but we do encourage you to do some research on what is available for you and your loved ones. Remember, money might not buy you happiness but it will buy you piece of mind.

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